BOSCO CAFFARELLA is an environmental education project inspired by kindergarten pedagogy in the forest for children and girls from 3 to 6 years old. The aim of the proposed course is to accompany each child and child into growth experiences, acquire skills, knowledge and emotional and relational skills, follow balanced socialization paths, acquire autonomy and overcome difficulties.

Children will live the day in direct contact with nature, will have the opportunity to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the woods and the richness of educational experiences it offers.

The goal is to learn and grow in a context permeable to their curiosity and their imagination with the help of educators who will accompany them by supporting the principles of autonomy and creativity, the cornerstones of asylum pedagogy in the woods.

Flora and fauna, light and sun, wind and rain will be the centers of interest of a natural world experiment in direct contact with living creatures.


Keywords... Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity, Autonomy, Fantasy, Sociality, JOY!

The "Il bosco delle meraviglie" DVD is out !

The "Bosco delle Meraviglie" talks about us and the experience of kindergarten in the woods.

The documentary film was attended by the boys and girls of kindergarten who live their days in nature together with the teachers and teachers.

Watch the trailer and if you want buy the DVD to support our project and spread outdoor education!

Rai News 24: the interview


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