Learning in a naturally inspiring environment!

Based on the School in the Woods approach, “Bosco Caffarella” is an outdoor nursery for 3-to- 6- year-old kids.

It is located by Casa del Parco della Caffarella (entrance from Largo Tacchi Venturi, nearest metro station: Colli Albani).

The Nursery in the Woods or “Waldkindergarten” is a type of nursery created in Northern Europe, in which learning activities take place mostly outdoors so that children can develop their creativity while establishing a healthy relationship with nature.

Children learn by doing, in a welcoming and inspiring environment that stimulates their imagination. The teaching staff have a close relationship with the children, helping them grow more autonomous, empathetic and creative. Plants and animals, light, sun, wind and rain are key elements in the children’s experiences of the world of nature with hands on contact with the animals.

The Nursery in the Woods started in the 1950’s from an idea of Ella Flatau, a Danish mother from Søllerød, who spent most of the time with her kids playing in the woods and then turned this experience into a pedagogical practise. This approach soon found many followers, especially in Northern Europe.

In Italy, nurseries in the woods are usually set up through initiatives of parents, teachers or associations.
Bosco Caffarella is one of two nurseries in the woods present in Rome, the only one located by the downtown; the other one is Asilo del Bosco in Ostia Antica which also hosts an elementary school.

For further information contact Ms. Francesca Lepori

339.3796137  boscocaffarella@gmail.com