The forest of wonders

The Wood of Wonders talks about us and the experience of kindergarten in the woods. The children of kindergarten who live their days together in nature with teachers and teachers participated in the documentary film. Watch the trailer and come and see one of our screenings or request one at We are waiting for you!

The Wood of Wonders (Il Bosco delle Meraviglie)
Produced by Francesca Lepori
Written and directed by Patrizia Santangeli
Editing Cristiana Cerrini (AMC)
Patrizia Santangeli Photography
Sound design and audio mix Pierluigi Nati
Graphic design by Massimo Calabro
Music Chiara di Lonardo and Lorenzo Bucci
Photo of the Gaia Light poster

Image Toning of the Claudio Palmisano poster

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September 21st 2019 h. 19,30
Bosco Caffarella
Largo Pietro Tacchi Venturi
00179 Rome
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